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The Artist Projects of Los Angeles (TAP/LA) is an artist-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting promising Los Angeles-based emerging and mid-career artists.


Through a thoughtfully selected calendar of artist studio visits, salons, and workshops, Collectors' Circle members will explore the many dimensions of understanding, building, and preserving a collection while developing deeper relationships within the art community.


In addition to funding, TAP provides ongoing resources for its arts grantees that includes mentorship and guidance with the practical business of art.


As part of our mission to support emerging and mid-career artists, TAP offers annual, unrestricted $10,000 grants directly to artists in each of the following categories: drawing, digital imaging, mixed media, painting, photography, print-making, and sculpture (ceramic and glass).


The Artist Projects of Los Angeles (TAP/LA) is an artist-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting promising Los Angeles-based emerging and mid-career artists.  In 2014, with the generous founding support of Simon Raab and the Simon and Diana Raab Foundation, we began an experimental process of supporting artists through a variety of ways to understand firsthand what had the greatest impact.  In 2016 we organized an educational fellowship for artists with workshops on business development led by Karen Atkinson and invited Heather Darcy Bhandari and Melissa Levin to attend studio visits with each of the artists who participated in the fellowship and a final presentation of their work to our participating curators; Irene Tsatsos, John Spiak, Jamillah James, Rebecca McGrew, and Corrina Peipon. That same year, we funded an artist grant through SPArt and provided funding for the artists in The Industry’s production of Hopscotch. Through educational and financial support as well as connecting more promising artists with curators and educators, we witnessed first-hand the impact of each aspect of support that we offered.


In the current atmosphere of persistently-threatened funding for the arts, we have decided to focus our energies on two areas; direct grants to selected artists, and facilitating relationships with patrons and collectors interested in their work. Thus making The Artist Projects/LA a two-pronged support system for artists in need.


The Artist Project of Los Angeles is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, federal ID number 47-3107908.

$2,500 Individual ($2,350 tax deductible)
$4,000 Partnership ($3,700 tax deductible)

Members of The Artist Projects Collectors’ Circle will receive access to an exclusive program of events through the year.  These events will include private artist studio visits, members’ mixers and Collectors’ Circle Salons led by industry experts exploring the many facets of understanding, building, preserving and sharing an art collection.  As a Collectors’ Circle Member, you will directly support emerging artists by funding our annual grants program.

Please consider supporting The Artist Projects with a tax-deductible gift in any amount.

To inquire about joining the Collector's Circle, please contact Alexandra Safran at asafran@theartistprojects.org.

Your gifts provide emerging artists with annual, unrestricted grants to further the arts in Los Angeles. We are greatly appreciative of your generous leadership in our community.



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